Mission Report 75-002

Target: Scout the Area and eliminate the Enemy

Location: Top Secret

Mission Report:

Josh and I had been send to another Top Secret Mission on a Planet far, far away from our base. Our task this time was to find out where the Enemy is and to eliminate them.

But our first problem was a big rock in the desert with strange writings on it.

Me: What is this? Do you have any idea what it might say, Josh?

Josh: How should I know? I’m a desert specialist not a linguist.

So we left the mysterious rock behind only to find the enemy waiting for us…

We tried to convice them that it would be better if they would be surrender but, like all Droids, they wouldn’t listen of course.

And just answered with: ‘Attack those two Clone Troopers.’ and ‘Roger, roger.’

I gave them a final warning, but it was already too late. The Droids started their attack and soon the fight began. But something was odd…

What sort of battle droids were they? I never saw anything like it before. They were tiny and their weapons didn’t cause any mayor injuries.

We quickly ‘disabled’ them and everything was over as fast as it started.

And after a few blaster hits on the Droid Transporter, the whole thing blew up nicely. I always enjoy a nice fire at the end of a mission. It feels very satisfying and you can have a nice BBQ before you get picked up by a Shuttle.

And another victory for the Republic thanks to Josh and me.

Mission acomplished!


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