Mission Report 75-003

 Target: Rescue a high ranking General

Location: Outer Rim

We were on board of the Katana a republican Star Destroyer (Ventor Class) as our Commander called us for a special briefing.

So we went into the briefing room were Commander Tosh told us the bad news that General Kenobi was captured by General Grievous.

Commander Tosh: ‘We only know about this because one of our special Agents was nearby. These are the images he has send us.’

Commander Tosh: ‘It doesn’t look so good I know.’

Commander Tosh: ‘All we know is that Grievous needs the General for some information, so we can be sure that he won’t kill him.’

TG: ‘Not now.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Let’s hope we can get there before that will happen.’

Commander Tosh: ‘All we know is, that they brought him to their base on a Planet in the Outer Rim. So we must hurry to get there as quick as we can!’

Commander Tosh: ‘Get your gear ready. Our Shuttle will start in 2 hours. Dismiss!’

So we left the Katana behind and entered the the darkness of Space…


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