Mission Report continues: The Shuttle reached the Outer Rim and we landed on a Planet which was uninhabitated.  We landed on a plateau above a huge grass jungle.

It was night on this Planet which made it easier for us to stay unseen.

Commander Tosh: ‘Ok Stinger, let’s keep on moving. We need to find a way down from this Plateau.’

Our special Troop had the nickname Sting because we just had very few, highly trained members, which made it easy to stay unnoticed and hit the enemy where he didn’t expected it.

Sion: ‘I recognize these plants, sir. Their liquid helps with Blaster wounds. We should take some of those leaves with us. Just in case.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Agree. Gather what you can, we have to move on. 5 minutes, Lieutenant.’

Sion: ‘Copy that, Sir.’

So we moved on and after one hour Sion found a way where we could get of the plateau.

Commander Tosh: ‘Hmm, that is quite a way down.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Ok, Stingers. Let’s go!’

And we went down. Sion first since he is our jungle expert, then the Commander climbed down.

So we all climbed down, one after another…

I was the last to climb down from the plateau and it was almost dawn.

The sun hung deep red in this alien sky and dark clouds were approching. It looked like as this wouldn’t be a nice day.

Sion led us through the jungle until…

Sion: ‘Stop! My sensors are picking up some signals.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Right. Let’s take cover behind the rock over there. You Sion, go and find out what the source of that signal is.’

Sion: ‘Yes, Sir!’

Sion: ‘Confirmed contact, sir. We’ve got one droid heading towards your location.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Copy that. Follow that droid and make sure you stay behind him.’

Sion: ‘Understood.’

So we waited for the Droid to reach our position.

We would make sure that this lump of metal wouldn’t inform it’s Master.

Silence. The only thing we could hear was the wind blowing through this high grass. But then…there was a sound of something unnatural….the sound of an engine…

Commander Tosh’s voice came over the speaker in our helmets. ‘Get ready.’

Then the Droid on it’s Stap breaked through the grass and the battle began…


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