Mission Report continues: Day 2

Commander Tosh and Shion were still in one of the tunnels, trying to find their way to the cells where the Separatists kept General  Kenobi.

Sion:  ‘According to my scanners, we are on the right way. This tunnel should bring us to their prison section.’

Commander Tosh:  ”Then let’s keep on moving.’

As suddenly something…someone appeared behind them.

Shadow Trooper: ‘Cease your fire!’

Commander Tosh: ‘A Shadow Trooper?! We weren’t informed that there were already Troopers in this base.’

Shadow Trooper: ‘With all respect, sir…but this isn’t the right time to discuss the Republic’s Information politics. We need to regroup. Follow me.’

Sion shrugged and nodded back at the Commander.

Commander Tosh: ‘Right. Let’s go.’

Shadow Trooper: ‘This way, Sir. The Commander and the rest of your group are not far away.’

Finally both groups met and Commander Tosh got all the information the Shadow Troopers had gathered so far.

Shadow Commander: ‘We know where the General is and we should move quickly before he gets into more trouble.’

Commander Tosh: ‘Agree. Let’s free the General.’

Sion: ‘With all this firepower we have now it shouldn’t be a problem.’

TG: ‘Good to see you again, brother.’

Sion: ‘Glad to see you in one piece, TG.’

Meanwhile in the prison block.

Tactical Droid: ‘One last time. Give me the key.’

Kenobi: ‘Why should I?’

Tactical Droid: ‘ ‘We need that key to decipher the Republic Signals here in the Outer Rim. We know that you are planing to build a new Outpost and we want to know where.’

Kenobi: ‘Why should we build an Outpost here? There are far too many Pirates and Separatists here, which always means trouble.’

Tactical Droid: ‘Then it is time to eliminate you. The General has no more need for you if you won’t give us the informations we nee.’

Kenobi: ‘Well, that’s not really the kind of hospitality I know from Grievous.’

Then there were noises and a loud voice said: ‘Hold! Release the General, Clankers.’

The Droids turned around only to find themselves surrounded by a group of Clone Troopers.

Tactical Droid: ‘Shoot them.’

The Battle Droids started to move forwards.

Commander Tosh: ‘One last warning. Release the General and we’ll switch you off quickly.’

Commander Tosh: ‘That’s it….Get them!’

After a few minutes the combat was over and we could free the General…but at a high cost.

CC 7297 was dead and Commander Tosh was badly injured. The Shadow Commander checked his wounds, looked to TG and the others. We all knew what that meant.

General Kenobi joined the scene.

Kenobi: ‘Thank you for all your hard work, Commander. I’ll make sure that we’ll get the best medical care for you.’ he said softly.

Commander Tosh: ‘I won’t make it General. (cough) I did my duty and I’m proud and glad to know that you are free… (cough)…’

Kenobi: ‘We’ll get you out of here, Commander.’

A moment of silence came over the Troopers. They might be Soldiers and all of them have seen death many times, but if they looses someone who they served with for a long time, even a Clone Trooper has trouble to cope with it.

General Kenobi turned away from the scene, anger in his heart. He knew it was wrong and that there was a price that had to be paid…every battle had it’s costs.

Kenobi: ‘Commander?’

Shadow Commander: ‘Yes Sir?’

Kenobi: ‘Let’s get out of here. Contact your superiors and let them know that we are ready to go home.’

Shadow Commander: ‘Already done Sir.’

Kenobi: ‘Take your brothers and let’s go.’

General Kenobi and all the other Troopers were soon picked up by a Shuttle. They even found the rest of the Stinger group before they left the Planet. Commander Tosh died a couple of hours after they reached the Republic Fleet.

Result: Mission accomplished

———————————— END OF REPORT ——————————————–



Mission Report continues: Day 2

We entered the cave after finishing off the two Battle Droids at the entrance. Commander Tosh was in the lead while I kept our backs clear.

We came to a point where another tunnel joined the one where we were and we had to decide which way to go.

Commander Tosh: TG! You keep our backs clear while Sion and I check this tunnel.

TG: Yes Sir.

The Commander and Sion disappeared into the tunnel while I stayed at the corner keeping an eye on things.

As suddenly. . .

Noises. It sounded like metal…


I activated my COM to warn the Commander then charged forwards to buy them some time.

As the Commander and Sion came back to the spot where we split up before…TG was gone.

Commander Tosh: Looks like we’re too late.

Sion: Aye.

Commander Tosh: Let’s keep on going. We MUST find General Kenobi!

Sion: What about TG? We can’t just leave him behind.

Commander Tosh: And we won’t. I bet that he won’t be far away from the spot where they keep the General.

I didn’t get away from the Droids but instead of killing me, they captured me and brought me deeper into their base. I wondered what kind of information they thought to get out of me.

They brought me into a cell where they already kept another prisoner.

Droid: Don’t get any funny ideas, Troopers. You won’t get out of this cell, at least not alive.

After the Droids left I wanted to know with whom I was sharing my new cell and what information he might have.

TG: Who are you?

Trooper: I’m CC 7297. I was together with General Kenobi as we got captured.

TG: I’m TG. I’m sure we’ll get out of here Commander. My friends will free the General and then us.

We had to stop our conversation as another Droid entered our cell.

TG: I won’t tell you anything. No matter how hard you try I won’t give you any information.

Droid: Of course you won’t. That’s why you are part of the Stingers, CT 8769.

The Droid answered with it’s mechanical voice. I was shocked. How could it be that they knew who I was? What sort of trap was this?

TG: How….?

And in seconds the Droid changed into one of us! He was a Shadow Trooper! One of the highly trained special forces.

Shadow Trooper:  We’ve had this base under surveillance for weeks and know that General Kenobi was captured.  Let’s get you out of here and then we’ll get the rest of your Troop TG. That should be enough to free the General and get out of here.

TG: Thanks for your help.

Shadow Trooper: No problem, Sergeant. The more help we get, the easier this mission will be.

I was relieved to get out of the cell so quickly but what was with the rest of the Stingers?

TG: Do you know where the rest of my group is?

Shadow Trooper: Of course.

CC 7297: Well, we won’t be of much help without any weapons.

TG: Indeed.

Another voice came from behind us: ‘Oh, that’s not a problem.’

TG: What? You are a Covert Ops Trooper!

Covert Ops Trooper: Yes I am. Like the Commander said, we have been here for weeks. Here is your weapon.

TG: The Commander?

I turned to the Shadow Trooper to apologise.

TG: Sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to be dis-respectful.

Shadow Trooper: Never mind, Trooper. Let’s get out of here and free the General. MOVE!

Covert Ops Trooper, TG, CC 7297: Yes, Sir!


Mission Report continues: We managed to shoot down the Battle Droid on its Stap but one of our men got injured.

After the fight we went to higher ground to give JD some rest.

Sion had treated his wound already but it was clear that he couldn’t join us for the rest of the Mission.

Commander Tosh: Take it easy Trooper, we won’t leave you behind. We get you home as quick as possible.

JD: Sorry Sir. I just couldn’t evade that attack…everything happened so fast.

TG: At least you are alive, JD and that is the most important thing.

Commander Tosh: Indeed.

Commander Tosh: Rick! AJ! You two stay here with JD and make sure that he doesn’t get into any more trouble.

Rick & AJ: Yes, Sir!

Rick: Don’t worry, Sir we’ll keep an eye on him and secure the area.

Commander Tosh: Right. Time to move on. Let’s find General Kenobi.

We left our brothers behind to seek out the entrance to the Separatist’s hideout. After 3 hours walk through the jungle we finally arrived a spot that seems to be the place where Grievous kept General Kenobi.

Sion: Well, looks like as we have to big guys guarding the entrance to this cave.

TG: ONLY two battle droids. We’ll have them down in no time.

Commander Tosh: Right. TG?

TG: Yes Sir?

Commander Tosh: You get behind those two, while Sion and I get their attention.

TG: Yes, Sir.

And so we did. The Commander and Sion opened fire on the two heavy amoured Droids, while I used their distraction to sneak behind.

Quickly and without any problems I positioned myself behind them.

I was in the perfect position . . .

to open fire and support the Commander and Sion.

Confused by the attacks from two directions, the Droids went soon down.

That happens when you start a fight with the Stingers.

We then went to the entrance of the cave. We had no idea what to expect down there but we knew one thing: We would do ANYTHING to free the General from the Separatists!

And so we entered the hideout . . .