Mission Report continues: We managed to shoot down the Battle Droid on its Stap but one of our men got injured.

After the fight we went to higher ground to give JD some rest.

Sion had treated his wound already but it was clear that he couldn’t join us for the rest of the Mission.

Commander Tosh: Take it easy Trooper, we won’t leave you behind. We get you home as quick as possible.

JD: Sorry Sir. I just couldn’t evade that attack…everything happened so fast.

TG: At least you are alive, JD and that is the most important thing.

Commander Tosh: Indeed.

Commander Tosh: Rick! AJ! You two stay here with JD and make sure that he doesn’t get into any more trouble.

Rick & AJ: Yes, Sir!

Rick: Don’t worry, Sir we’ll keep an eye on him and secure the area.

Commander Tosh: Right. Time to move on. Let’s find General Kenobi.

We left our brothers behind to seek out the entrance to the Separatist’s hideout. After 3 hours walk through the jungle we finally arrived a spot that seems to be the place where Grievous kept General Kenobi.

Sion: Well, looks like as we have to big guys guarding the entrance to this cave.

TG: ONLY two battle droids. We’ll have them down in no time.

Commander Tosh: Right. TG?

TG: Yes Sir?

Commander Tosh: You get behind those two, while Sion and I get their attention.

TG: Yes, Sir.

And so we did. The Commander and Sion opened fire on the two heavy amoured Droids, while I used their distraction to sneak behind.

Quickly and without any problems I positioned myself behind them.

I was in the perfect position . . .

to open fire and support the Commander and Sion.

Confused by the attacks from two directions, the Droids went soon down.

That happens when you start a fight with the Stingers.

We then went to the entrance of the cave. We had no idea what to expect down there but we knew one thing: We would do ANYTHING to free the General from the Separatists!

And so we entered the hideout . . .


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