Mission Report continues: Day 2

We entered the cave after finishing off the two Battle Droids at the entrance. Commander Tosh was in the lead while I kept our backs clear.

We came to a point where another tunnel joined the one where we were and we had to decide which way to go.

Commander Tosh: TG! You keep our backs clear while Sion and I check this tunnel.

TG: Yes Sir.

The Commander and Sion disappeared into the tunnel while I stayed at the corner keeping an eye on things.

As suddenly. . .

Noises. It sounded like metal…


I activated my COM to warn the Commander then charged forwards to buy them some time.

As the Commander and Sion came back to the spot where we split up before…TG was gone.

Commander Tosh: Looks like we’re too late.

Sion: Aye.

Commander Tosh: Let’s keep on going. We MUST find General Kenobi!

Sion: What about TG? We can’t just leave him behind.

Commander Tosh: And we won’t. I bet that he won’t be far away from the spot where they keep the General.

I didn’t get away from the Droids but instead of killing me, they captured me and brought me deeper into their base. I wondered what kind of information they thought to get out of me.

They brought me into a cell where they already kept another prisoner.

Droid: Don’t get any funny ideas, Troopers. You won’t get out of this cell, at least not alive.

After the Droids left I wanted to know with whom I was sharing my new cell and what information he might have.

TG: Who are you?

Trooper: I’m CC 7297. I was together with General Kenobi as we got captured.

TG: I’m TG. I’m sure we’ll get out of here Commander. My friends will free the General and then us.

We had to stop our conversation as another Droid entered our cell.

TG: I won’t tell you anything. No matter how hard you try I won’t give you any information.

Droid: Of course you won’t. That’s why you are part of the Stingers, CT 8769.

The Droid answered with it’s mechanical voice. I was shocked. How could it be that they knew who I was? What sort of trap was this?

TG: How….?

And in seconds the Droid changed into one of us! He was a Shadow Trooper! One of the highly trained special forces.

Shadow Trooper:  We’ve had this base under surveillance for weeks and know that General Kenobi was captured.  Let’s get you out of here and then we’ll get the rest of your Troop TG. That should be enough to free the General and get out of here.

TG: Thanks for your help.

Shadow Trooper: No problem, Sergeant. The more help we get, the easier this mission will be.

I was relieved to get out of the cell so quickly but what was with the rest of the Stingers?

TG: Do you know where the rest of my group is?

Shadow Trooper: Of course.

CC 7297: Well, we won’t be of much help without any weapons.

TG: Indeed.

Another voice came from behind us: ‘Oh, that’s not a problem.’

TG: What? You are a Covert Ops Trooper!

Covert Ops Trooper: Yes I am. Like the Commander said, we have been here for weeks. Here is your weapon.

TG: The Commander?

I turned to the Shadow Trooper to apologise.

TG: Sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to be dis-respectful.

Shadow Trooper: Never mind, Trooper. Let’s get out of here and free the General. MOVE!

Covert Ops Trooper, TG, CC 7297: Yes, Sir!


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