Mission Report 75-004 – Part II

While TG, Josh and the two ARF Troopers were closing in on the enemy, the Tactical Droid caught up with his three Commando Droids.

Tactical Droid: ‘You must eliminate these Clone Troopers at all cost.’

Commando Droid Leader: ‘Roger.’

Meanwhile: TG, Josh and the two ARF Troopers arrived a point where one their new friends had to leave.

AT-RT ARF Trooper: ‘Sorry, but I have to go back to our base. My AT-RT is almost out of power.’

TG: ‘Be careful and thanks for your help.’

The three Troopers didn’t realize that they were already surrounded by the Enemy they were hunting.

Then suddenly a deep mechanical voice called out ‘ATTACK!’

All three Commando Droids started their attack. TG, Josh and the ARF Trooper spread out to face them.

Josh’s opponent attacked from above.

The ARF Trooper dropped down to get cover and opened fire back at the Droid.

TG struggled under the attacks from the Commando Droid Leader. Those Droids are so much more agile and harder to fight against then the normal Battle Droids.

Then a shot. A little explosion and the Commando Droid who nearly managed to overcome the ARF Trooper dropped down.

A second well placed shot from somewhere and the Droid Josh was fighting, fell to the ground.

TG lost his rifle while trying not to get killed by the Commando Droid. Then….

‘Say good night, Clanker.’ came a voice over the COM in the other Trooper helmets.

One more precise shot an the last Droid was eliminated and dropped to the ground.

TG, Josh and the ARF Trooper joined their saviour.

TG: ‘You are a Commando, aren’t you?’

Josh:’You are Delta 62?! I saw you and the Delta Squad a year ago…’

Scorch: ‘Yes. I am from the Delta Squad. We were here to destroy the Separatist Base and after that we heard that you youngsters might needed some help.’

TG:’Thanks for your help, Delta 62! You really came just in time……’ he paused. ‘So the Enemy Base is destroyed?’

Scorch: ‘Yes. Your order is now to get these data crystals back to the Senat.’

TG & Josh: ‘Aye Sir.’

Scorch: ‘Follow your friend here to his base, then return to Coruscant as quick as you can. Your mission here is over.’

TG: ‘Understood.’

Scorch left the Clone Troopers after handing the Data Crystals to TG.

The group hurried back to the the Republic Base to contact their Commando and get a ship back to Coruscant as quick as possible.

— Mission End —


Mission Report 75-004
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Mission Report 75-004

Josh and I were back again on the planet where we freed General Kenobi 3 weeks ago. According to our Agents here, there were still Droids left and they are trying to rebuild the base.

We were scanning the region for any clues as…

Tactical Droid: ‘You won’t find our base. And you won’t tell anything you have seen here to the Republic.’

Josh and I turned around. Surprised.

TG: ‘You can bet you shiny ass that we will tell our Commander that we’ve found more of the Separatist’s scrap metal.’

Tactical Droid: ‘Ha, ha, ha. Commander! Eliminate those Clones.’

Battle Droid: ‘Roger. Roger.’

And from behind that rock came the trouble. We were outnumbered and wouldn’t stand any chance against such a fire power.

Josh looked over to me: ‘I think this won’t work out well.’

TG: ‘Doesn’t look good.’

We fired and a took the Commander Droid out then…

…we just ran. The Droid on his Stap right behind us and with heavy fire all around us.

‘GET DOWN!‘ came a familiar voice over the COM of our helmets.

And so we did and milliseconds later we heard and felt an explosion. As we looked up…

…the Stap and the Droid were no more.

We were safed by two ARF Troopers. ‘Thanks for your help, Brother.’ I said.

ARF Trooper: ‘No need. Now let’s finish them off.’

So he said and raced with his AT-RT towards the Droids.

And so we did. After a few minutes we destroyed all the Droids.

TG: ‘Looks like as if the Tactical Droid go away.’ I shrugged.

ARF Trooper: ‘Yeah, but he won’t get far.’

AT-RT ARF Trooper: ‘We’ll hunt him down before he gets to his base.’

TG: ‘We’ll help you with that.’

AT-RT ARF Trooper: ‘Right, follow Ace here, he’ll bring you to our speeder bikes.’

TG: ‘Great. Let’s go.’

So we split up to hunt this Tactical Droid down.