Mission Report 75-005

Target: Training Mission against Special Shadow Troop Ace

Location: A Republic Training Camp

Commander Jake: ‘O.K. Troopers. You know the course and you know the rules. The first team that can claim the 501st helmet and comes back here wins.’

Commander Jake: ‘The two teams fighting against each other this time are: Team Ace and…’

‘…Team Sting.’

Commander Jake: ‘No weapons or any other tools are allowed. Only one rope per team and your will to win is all you need.’

Commander Jake: ‘May the best Team win.’

Quickly the Shadow Troopers took the lead and went through the first challenge.

TG: ‘What takes you two so long down there?’

Link: ‘Josh is scared of heights.’ He looked down to Josh. ‘It’s just half a meter….let go and jump!’

TG: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

Josh: ‘Nearly theeeeere…..’ he said and after 2 more minutes he finally reached the ground, followed by Link and TG.

The next challenge was a climbing up a giant tree, across one of the massive branches and then climb back down again. Team Ace had a little help in form of a very useful gadget.

And very quickly they went up to the top of the giant tree.

And with support from the ground, the second member quickly got to the top.

Soon they found their next quick route to get down to the ground again.

Finally the Stingers made it to the next stage of the course. Secured to each other, they started to climb.

And down the other side again.

Meanwhile Team Ace was racing through difficult terrain getting closer to the Target.

With the Stingers behind them, Team Ace reached the Target first and with the 501st helmet, raced back to the finish zone.

TG: ‘Come on guys….we can still make it!’

Link: ‘Looks like we’ve lost.’

TG: ‘Yep.’

Josh: ‘…’

Commander Jake: ‘Well, it looks like we have a winning team.’

Commander Jake: ‘Team Ace was the first team to return with the Winners Trophy…’

A happy cheer from the Team Ace.

Commander Jake: ‘But!’

Commander Jake: ‘Since Team Ace didn’t stick with the rules…Sergant TG?’

TG stepped forwards: ‘Yes Sir?’

Commander Jake: ‘If you ever intend to leave the Stingers, you will have a safe place with the 501st Legion.’

The Commander went to the Team Ace leader and took the helmet back.

Commander Jake: ‘And since Team Ace cheated, Team Stinger is the winner of this Training Competition. See you around next time.’

And with these words he left the two groups. Team Ace was still trying to convince the Commander that you have to use everything you can get on the battlefield, while the Stingers decided to go back to the Cantina to celebrate before they headed back to their base.



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Fantastic! Original and charming.

Comment by bradvf

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