Mission Report – Introduction to the new Team

The old Stingers are no more and the Team under Captain Raif includes now TG, Link and Oner. They all had trained together for the last 6 weeks and TG now got a new Nickname: Troun since his speciality is close combat. Captain Raif gave him this new name which is Mandalorion for pitiless.  Link is the computer ace and Oner is the sniper of the team. Troun and Oner were trying their new jet-packs and reached the destination where they were suppose to meet up with Link and Captain Raif.

Link was already there and watched Troun and Oner enjoying their new toys.

Link: ‘Had fun on your flight?’

Oner: ‘Nice view from up there.’

Troun: ‘You really should give it a try, Link.’

Link: ‘Nah, I leave the toys to you guys.’

Then they heard a very┬ádistinctive noise…

The door of the LAAT opened and Captain Raif came out.

‘I’ve got a little present for you boys.’ he said. ‘It needs a little bit of work and new paint but I’m sure you guys can do it no time.’

Link, Troun and Oner were speechless.

Captain Raif: ‘Get in and give that baby a try. When we’re back at the base you can start modifying it. There are a few things I want you guys to install.’

So all three went on board. The doors closed and the Lartie took off back to the base where they spent the coming days working on it to the specifications of their Captain.

Soon they would be ready to fight!