Mission Report – Introduction to the new Team

The old Stingers are no more and the Team under Captain Raif includes now TG, Link and Oner. They all had trained together for the last 6 weeks and TG now got a new Nickname: Troun since his speciality is close combat. Captain Raif gave him this new name which is Mandalorion for pitiless.  Link is the computer ace and Oner is the sniper of the team. Troun and Oner were trying their new jet-packs and reached the destination where they were suppose to meet up with Link and Captain Raif.

Link was already there and watched Troun and Oner enjoying their new toys.

Link: ‘Had fun on your flight?’

Oner: ‘Nice view from up there.’

Troun: ‘You really should give it a try, Link.’

Link: ‘Nah, I leave the toys to you guys.’

Then they heard a very distinctive noise…

The door of the LAAT opened and Captain Raif came out.

‘I’ve got a little present for you boys.’ he said. ‘It needs a little bit of work and new paint but I’m sure you guys can do it no time.’

Link, Troun and Oner were speechless.

Captain Raif: ‘Get in and give that baby a try. When we’re back at the base you can start modifying it. There are a few things I want you guys to install.’

So all three went on board. The doors closed and the Lartie took off back to the base where they spent the coming days working on it to the specifications of their Captain.

Soon they would be ready to fight!



Mission Report 75-006

Target: Meeting with the new Commanding Officer

Location: Top Secret

Link and TG met up with their new Commander on a planet somewhere in the Republic Sector. They didn’t know what to expect, so it came as a surprise as they discovered what their mission was this time.

Captain Raif: ‘Right boys, you two are part of the old special force ‘The Stingers’, right?’

Link & TG: ‘Yes, Sir.’

Captain Raif: ‘Well, The Stingers are no more, you two are now part of a new special force and I want to see if you are worthy to be part of it. So your task will be to catch me.’

TG and Link looked at each other, not sure what to make of it before they replied ‘Yes, Sir.’

Seconds after,  the Captain disappeared between the bushes and they couldn’t pick up any signal of him with their helmet sensors.

TG: ‘This is going to be tough.’

Link: ‘I heard some stories about Captain Raif. They say that he is a hard leader and can be your worst enemy but he always treats his troops fair and with respect.’

Soon TG and Link tracked the Captain down but they didn’t get the chance to get any closer. The weapons they used this time were just for training and would put you to sleep if hit at the right point.

TG: ‘We must try to get behind him. Let’s split up and see if we can get him between us.’

Captain Raif saw that his two new Troopers were trying a new strategy,  just as he had expected. With a grin on his face he left his location and lured them to a nearby lake.

Link took position on one side of the lake and TG was supposed to be on the opposite. That way they tried to get Captain Raif between them.

The Captain opened fire on Link and he quickly had to withdrew while TG still tried to find a spot where he had free sight of the Captain.
After a few seconds TG finally reached a spot from where he could see the Monolith on which the Captain stood …but he was gone. TG and Link had to track him down…again!

After a while they found the trail left by the Captain and while Link tried to catch up with him, TG went ahead to outflank him.

Link didn’t notice that his superior officer had a nice clear view of him.

One perfect shot and Link was knocked out.

TG was hiding behind a tree because he knew that the Captain had to come this way. What he didn’t expect was that the Captain made his way through the trees and was now behind TG!

Captain Raif: ‘That’s it, boy. You lost.’

A while later, after Link woke up, he met with TG and the Captain for a final briefing.

Captain Raif: ‘You weren’t as bad as I expected but I hope you two learned your lesson. Sometimes it isn’t the best idea to split up because that left your back open and endangered your mission.’

Link and TG nodded.

Captain Raif: ‘But you two have some potential and after some further training and  new amour, you’ll soon be ready for a new mission.’

Link and TG were delighted to hear that they would get new equipment and amour so they replied ‘Yes, Sir’ enthusiastically.


~~~~ MISSION END ~~~~

This will be the last adventure for this year and I hope you enjoyed it so far. But this isn’t the end of this blog, I just need some time to get the new idea finished, so stay tuned and look out for tweets from @clonetrooper_TG and from ‘TanjaWho.

Wish you all a wonderful holiday and a great start into the new year. 

May the Force be with you all.